William Malloy

William Malloy is an Associate Professor in the Educational Leadership Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an Investigator for the Rural Early Adolescent Learning Program of the National Research Center on Rural Education Support. He teaches a Master’s level course on program development for special populations and a doctoral level course on cultural aspects of leadership and instruction. Dr. Malloy’s research focuses on learning communities, student and teacher resiliency, and school reform leadership. Prior to coming to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1992, Dr. Malloy was a public school administrator and served in the following capacities: deputy superintendent, assistant superintendent and directorships in Special Education. Dr. Malloy grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and spent seven consecutive summers in rural North Carolina.



Recent Related Publications

Malloy, W. W. (in preparation). Looking for a dream: Teacher recruitment and retention in a resiliency-building rural school.

Malloy, W. W. (2002). Principals as a learning community: A case study In I. N. Guadarrama, J. Nath, & J. Ramsey (Eds.). Research in professional schools. Information Use Publishing. This research was conducted in a rural district.


Related Research Projects
Dr. Malloy has conducted evaluations of the Comer School Development Program in rural school districts. He is currently a trainer with the Project Lead Academy which trains administrators of early childhood programs in urban and rural areas. Additionally, Dr. Malloy is a member of the Education Team of the Citizen/Soldier Project which promotes interagency coordination in the provision of services to families of the National Guard and the Reserves in rural and urban areas. Finally, he has facilitated a learning community initiative for principals and central office administrators in a rural district since 1998.


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