Lynne Vernon-Feagans

Dr. Vernon-Feagans (Co-Director of the NRCRES) is the William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of Child Development and Family Studies in the School of Education and coordinator of the doctoral program in Early Childhood, Families and Literacy in the School of Education.    She has extensive experience as principal investigator of many longitudinal studies and multi-site collaborations including a series of federally-funded, longitudinal studies that followed the Carolina Abecedarian early Intervention project children from early childhood into early elementary school.  She also had a series of three grants that focused on the  health and development of children in infant childcare.  She is the author of a book on non-urban poor children's transition to school as well as the author of over 100 articles and chapters on children at risk. Dr. Vernon-Feagans grew up in a small town in Tennessee and has been interested in the lives of rural families during most of her career. Currently, Dr. Vernon-Feagans is PI of a 16.5 million dollar program project from NICHD that is examining the risk and protective factors for a birth cohort of 1200 children that live in poor rural areas of the country. 

Dr. Vernon-Feagans brings extensive administrative experience to the NRCRES including 5 years as the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Health and Human Development at Penn State, a college with over 4000 students.  In that role, she oversaw the entire research budget of the college with over 25 million dollars in external funds per year.  She coordinated all the graduate programs in the college, including the 600 studients in many different programs.  She also was responsible for the seven research centers in the college that offered research facilities and support for faculty.

Recent Related Publications

Guzell, J.R. & Vernon-Feagans, L. (2004) Parental perceived control over caregiving and its relationship to parent-infant interaction Child Development, 75, 134-146.

Vernon-Feagans, L., Head-Reeves, D.& Kainz, K. (2004) An ecocultural perspective on early literacy: Avoiding the perils of school for nonmainstream children. In B.H. Wasik (Ed.) Handbook of Family Literacy. Erlbaum, Mahwah, NJ., pp 427-448.

Yont, K.M., Snow, C.E. & Vernon-Feagans, L. (2003) The role of context in mother-child interactions: an analysis of communicative intents expressed during toy play and book reading with 12 month-olds. Journal of Pragmatics, 35, 435-454.

Related Research Projects

Dr. Vernon-Feagans has conducted several research projects relating to children in rural schools. Along with a colleague in the Center for Developmental Science, Dr. Vernon-Feagans is directing a study entitled "The development of young children growing up in rural poor communities". This study is funded by the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development (9/1/02 - 8/31/07) in the approximate amount of $16,500,000.