Carol Malloy

Carol E. Malloy is the Coordinator of the Master of Arts and Teaching Program and Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Within the School of Education she teaches pre-service mathematics methods courses, pre-service mathematics courses, and general education courses. Dr. Malloy’s research interests are mathematics learning, the influence of culture on the cognitive development of African American students as it relates to mathematics learning, and teacher/student interactions that lead to achievement and understanding in mathematics. She has completed research projects in rural North Carolina counties on resiliency and the learning of Algebra and the Comer School Development Program. Dr. Malloy is active in leading professional development programs for practicing teachers. In this role she worked for three years with a team of teachers from a rural county in North Carolina who wanted to improve their mathematics instruction. She also supervises student teachers in a rural district. Prior becoming a professor, she was the Associate Director for Programs of the UNC Mathematics and Science Education Network and the Director of its Pre-College Program. Her responsibilities included providing support for teachers and students in two rural areas of North Carolina.

Recent Related Publications

Malloy, C. E. (2004). Equity in mathematics education is about access. In R. Rubenstein & G. Bright, Eds., 2004 NCTM Yearbook: Effective mathematics teaching (pp.1-14) Reston, VA, NCTM.

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