Jonathan Banks

Jonathan Banks is working with the National Research Center on Rural Education Support as the project coordinator for the Distance Learning Project. Jonathan received his Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology from North Carolina State University. His previous research has focused on children’s memory issues and working memory in adults. Jonathan’s current interests include social and cognitive factors that impact children’s educational success and social development and the cognitive factors that influence the effectiveness of Distance Education. Having grown up in a small town in central Texas, Jonathan is excited to be working with the NRCRES.



Recent Related Publications

Farmer, T. W., Leung, M-C, Banks, J., Schaefer, V., Andrews, B., & Murray, R. A. (2006). Adequate yearly progress in small rural schools and rural low-income schools. The Rural Educator, Summer 2006, 1-7.

Baker-Ward, L., Eaton, K., & Banks, J. (2005). Young Soccer Players' Reports
of a Tournament Win or Loss: Different Emotions, Different Narratives. Journal
Cognition and Development
, 6(4), 507-527



Jonathan Banks
National Research Center on Rural Education Support
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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