How the Center Was Established
The National Research Center on Rural Education Support was established by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Through this grant a team of 20 researchers conducted research studies and implemented training for teachers in participating rural schools. The purpose is to work toward improved teaching, learning and student achievement in rural schools nationwide.

The center's activities and studies have taken place in states that the Rural Schools Community Trust identifies as most needing attention to rural education policy. "The aims of the center are twofold," said Dr. Thomas Farmer, center director, principal investigator for its research and faculty member in the UNC School of Education. "One is to implement and evaluate staff development models to enhance teacher performance in schools. The other, to assess the impact of such training on student outcomes."

Who Is Involved
Faculty in the School of Education led the five-year effort. The work involved collaboration among faculty and researchers at the School of Education, the Center for Developmental Science, and The Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. The center houses multidisciplinary research on all aspects of human development by faculty from several colleges and universities.

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