Pam Winton

Pam Winton is coordinating dissemination activities for the National Research Center on Rural Education Support. She is a Senior Scientist and Director of Outreach of Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute and Research Professor at the University of North Carolina School of Education. She has directed numerous US Dept of Education grants focused on professional development. One of these current grants is using distance education, coupled with on-site consultation, as a means for providing early educators in NC rural and low resource counties with professional development for college credit in the areas of literacy and social emotional development. Dr. Winton’s first teaching job as Title I Reading Resource teacher in a K-8 school in a rural Tennessee community where traditionally children from her school never went to high school created a life-long passion for advocacy and a desire to ensure that young children and their families living in underserved rural communities receive the educational resources and support they need and deserve to succeed in secondary education and beyond. Dr. Winton’s research and development efforts have focused on professional development and bridging the research to practice gap.

Recent Related Publications

Winton, P., McCollum, J., & Catlett, C. (Eds.). (book contract, in preparation). Preparing effective professionals: Evidence and applications in early childhood and early intervention . Washington, DC: Zero to Three.

Chang, F., Early, D., & Winton, P. (2005). Early childhood teacher preparation in special education at 2- and 4-year institutions of higher education. Journal of Early Intervention, 27, 3, 110-124.

Catlett, C., & Winton, P. (2004). Observation resources that help teachers support young children in home, community and classroom settings. Young Exceptional Children, 7(3), 30.


Related Research Projects
Dr. Winton has directed several professional development projects related to the present work. Current projects include Natural Allies (US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs) and Project IMPACT (US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences).


Pam Winton
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