Jana Thompson

Program Coordinator

Jana Thompson is Program Coordinator of the Rural Early Adolescent Learning Program (Project REAL) at the National Research Center on Rural Education Support. While earning a bachelors degree in Psychology from Dickinson College, she began her work in rural education evaluating elementary and after- school programs focused on the inclusion of children of rural migrant workers in central Pennsylvania. Prior to her work with Project REAL, Ms. Thompson served as project coordinator for the Developmental Pathways of Rural African American Youth project (Centers for Disease Control and Injury Prevention). In addition, she has assisted with The Rural Competence Support Project ( Institute of Education Sciences, US Department of Education) and Project BEST: Behavioral and Emotional Support Training to Enhance the Adjustment of At-Risk Students in Middle School (Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education).

Recent Related Publications

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Farmer, T. W., Goforth, J. B., Leung, M.-C., Clemmer, J. T., & Thompson, J. H. (2004). School discipline problems in rural African American early adolescents: Characteristics of students with major, minor, and no offenses. Behavioral Disorders, 29, 317-336.


Jana Thompson
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