Joe Sparling

Joseph Sparling holds a Ph.D. degree in Educational Psychology. An early childhood educator and former schoolteacher and principal, he has developed educational resources for parents and teachers of very young children. He has been a co-principal investigator on three longitudinal intervention studies: The Abecedarian Project, Project CARE, and The Infant Health and Development Program. He is currently the co-principal investigator on Partners for Literacy, a national intervention study of Even Start programs. Sparling is the first author of Learningames, The Abecedarian Curriculum, Partners for Learning, and Conversation Books, educational resources that have been used widely in the USA and abroad. In addition to publishing books and scholarly articles, Dr. Sparling has written for popular magazines including Redbook and Parents. He is a Fellow at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is Research Professor at Georgetown University Center on Health and Education. In addition to his work in the USA, Dr. Sparling has done curriculum development, training, and intervention in orphanages in Romania.





Joe Sparling
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