Bryan Hutchins

Bryan Hutchins is the Graduate Student Work Coordinator for the National Research Center on Rural Education Support. He is also a graduate student in the Educational Psychology, Measurement, and Evaluation Program at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. His research interests include child and adolescent social development and school based interventions to prevent emotional and behavioral problems. He has worked on multiple projects examining issues of risk and resilience in rural communities. His current responsibilities include data entry management, assisting with field data collection, data analysis, and grant and manuscript preparation. Bryan is originally from a small town in the mountains of Western North Carolina and is excited about being involved in the work at the NRCRES.



Recent Related Publications

Farmer, T. W., Irvin, M. J., Crowther, A. A., Leung, M.-C., Hutchins, B. C., & McDonough, E. M. (under review). Social Preference, Social Prominence, and Peer-Group Membership in Late Elementary School. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Farmer, T. W., Murray, R. M., Fedora, F. P., & Hutchins, B. (under review). Supporting students in low resource rural schools: The Intervention Specialist Program. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Xie, H., Li, Y., Boucher, S., Hutchins, B., & Cairns, B. D. (under review). What makes a girl (or a boy) popular (or unpopular)? African-American children's perceptions and developmental differences. Manuscript submitted for publication.


Bryan Hutchins
National Research Center on Rural Education Support
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