Wallace Hannum

Wallace Hannum is Associate Director for Technology of the National Research Center on Rural Education Support and a member of the faculty of the School of Education. Dr. Hannum teaches graduate level courses on the use of technology in education, learning theories and instructional design. Dr. Hannum’s research focuses on instructional uses of technology, especially distance education. He created a state-wide online program for professional development of teachers and routinely uses a variety of technology in his teaching. Dr. Hannum has consulted on the use of technology for professional development with many organizations, both public and private. He has participated in the design and implementation of numerous technology-based programs and projects. He has created standards and guidelines for technology use as well as taught numerous workshops to enable organizations to make effective use of technology for instructional purposes. Dr. Hannum is author of five books and numerous articles on topics related to technology and instructional design.

Dr. Hannum grew up in a rural county in southern Alabama. His interests in rural life continue and permeates his research and development work using technology to benefit those located at a distance from metropolitan centers. His work with distance education not only in this country but also in Africa and Latin America focuses on improving life in rural areas through education that is distributed via appropriate technology to local audiences.


Recent Related Publications

Hannum, Wallace (2005). Instructional systems development: A thirty year retrospective. Educational Technology, in press.

Hannum, Wallace (2002). Transforming the Scholarly Process through Information Technology. New Directions in Teaching and Learning, 90, 19-28.

Hannum, W.H. (2002). Technology in the Learning Process. In Robert Diamond (Ed.) Field Guide to Academic Leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


Related Research Projects
Dr. Hannum has directed several research projects that have investigated the use of technology for professional development including projects that were centered in rural areas. He recently completed a major research project in rural Kenya that explored the use of portable DVD players to deliver interactive simulations for training nurses in remote locations. In another project he investigated use of peer support using self-paced modules for professional development of midwives in rural Ghana. Last year he conducted a research project using online collaborative learning for teaching a graduate course in education to students distributed across North Carolina. Currently Dr. Hannum is conducting a series of research projects that explore the use of several technologies for the continuing professional development of dentists in scattered locations in three states (Kentucky, North Carolina and Ohio).


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