Jill Hamm

Jill V. Hamm is the Co-Principal Investigator with the Rural Early Adolescent Learning Program of the National Research Center on Rural Education. She is also a member of the faculty of the School of Education, where she teaches master’s level pre-service teachers and doctoral students about adolescent development and educational psychology. Dr. Hamm’s research focuses on adolescents’ peer relations in ethnically diverse schools, and on the role of peer relations in adolescents’ school adjustment. Dr. Hamm grew up in a small town in central Kentucky, and later worked in rural North Carolina as a social worker. As a graduate student, she completed coursework in Rural Sociology to understand the intersections of race, poverty, and rural isolation in adolescents’ development. Dr. Hamm’s future research interests include the peer context of development for early adolescents in rural settings, rural parents’ beliefs and parenting practices during their children’s transition into middle school, and adolescents’ identity development in relation to their geographic locale.


Recent Related Publications

Hamm , J.V. & Faircloth, B.S. (2005). The peer ecology of mathematics classroom belonging. Journal of Early Adolescence, 25(3).

Hamm, J.V., Brown, B.B., & Heck, D.J. (2005). Bridging the ethnic divide: Student and school characteristics in African American, Asian American, European American, and Latino adolescents’ cross-ethnic friend nomination.Journal of Research on Adolescence.15(1), 21-46.

Hamm , J.V. & Faircloth, B.S. (2005). The role of adolescents’ close friendships in school belonging. In Way, N. & Hamm, J.V. (Eds.), The meanings and experiences of friendship in adolescence . In New Directions in Child and Adolescent Development Monograph Series, 107, 61-78. San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

Hamm, J.V. (2001). Barriers and bridges to positive cross-race peer relations: African American and White parents' socialization beliefs and practices. Youth & Society, 33, 62-98.

Related Research Projects

Dr. Hamm is currently co-Principal Investigator of a longitudinal study, funded by the National Science Foundation, of instructional, motivational, and social processes in early adolescents’ mathematics learning. She is also Principal Investigator of The Voices of North Carolina’s Youth – a Study of Identity in Geographic Locale, funded by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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