Patrick Akos

Patrick Akos is an Investigator for the Rural Early Adolescent Learning Program of the National Research Center on Rural Education Support. He is a faculty member of the School of Education, where he teaches master’s level school counselor preparation courses which examine induction to the school counseling role, group work in K-12 schools, career development and educational planning, and clinical practice. Dr. Akos’s research focuses on school transitions, middle school counseling, and Developmental Advocacy. With postgraduate work at Morehead State University ( Morehead, KY) and the University of Arkansas, and as a former middle school counselor in rural Virginia ( Louisa County), Dr. Akos seeks to explore rural ecology as a factor in school transition experiences and school counseling practice. He has also been recognized as the American School Counseling Association 2004 Counselor Educator of the Year.



Recent Related Publications

Akos, P. & Galassi, J. (2004). Gender and race as factors in psychosocial adjustment to middle and high school. The Journal of Educational Research, 98(2), 102-108.

Akos, P. (2004). Advice and student agency in the transition to middle school. Research in Middle Level Education , 27(2), 1-15.

Akos, P., Konold, T., & Niles, S. (2004). A career readiness typology and typal membership in middle school. The Career Development Quarterly, 53(1), 53- 66.


Related Research Projects
Dr. Akos is currently exploring the “aspiration gaps” (Akos & Lambie, 2005) that exist in some rural middle schools, investigating school transitions with Project BEST (Behavior and Emotional Support Training) and school districts in North Carolina, and articulating the uniqueness of middle school counseling.


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